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Janice really knows how to make a home look and function amazing.  She planned the layout for an addition for us.  She was so good at planning a layout that functioned well and made great use of our space flowing from the old part of the home to the new.  But what really impressed me was knowing that we were going to be living there, her layout functioned well while construction was actually going on, too.  She did point this out during the planning stage as well as the addition bringing increased resale value.  I didn’t fully comprehend that meaning until we actually lived through the construction and she was so right about her layout containing everything to one area.  She also did window treatments, an entertainment unit, and space planning for us.  Her expertise and experience on living in a space was so spot on after construction, too.  She made everything look so beautiful but also still functional.  She really knows the scale of furniture to be in a space as well as placement and using furniture we already had!

 Janice is a star Designer! Before rushing into any decisions, she spends time understanding my vision and to try and comprehend my objectives through my perspective.  She then does her research and homework and responds back with an idea that is exactly what I had in mind.  Janice also takes the time to check in during her research, again, just to make sure the visions are aligned. She is extremely professional and patient, and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a complex brand new construction or just a simple remodeling.

 Janice provided design services and subcontracted painters for a small office.  The process was effortless on my part – Janice brought samples and walked the space several times to make sure we got things right.  The painters were exceptionally careful and delivered extremely high quality work.  Very satisfied.

Janice helped me pick out new furnishings and a rug for my living room.  She was very easy to work with – pleasant and professional and followed through with everything promptly and efficiently.  She took precise measurements and consulted with me as to color and style.  I am very happy with the choices she helped me make.  I definitely recommend her.

Janice and I began with a consultation on improvements I was seeking in my office building.  We discussed the possibilities of new paint colors, light fixtures, window coverings, artwork and furniture.  Together we walked through the building as she added thoughts and ideas to my hopes and dreams!  Janice and I also met to select the paint colors, light fixtures etc. and eventually an estimate of the costs involved. Her ideas were exciting, and an excellent match for the needs of our building.  Janice also was wonderful at incorporating furniture already in the rooms and helping me save on undue costs.  Here’s the beauty of this decorating expert:  Excellent knowledge and taste in today’s colors and room design, experience in coordinating all aspects of the work from selection of items, ordering of materials, coordinating of all the work being done and an excellent team of workers to carry out the plans!!!  I truly appreciated Janice’s expertise at coordinating the entire project and having the work completed in 3 days!  I am a very happy customer with 10 office renters who walked in on a Monday morning excited and thrilled with the results they saw!  I highly recommend Janice McCabe and her team to anyone who wants fair pricing, expertise in ideas and a beautiful outcome with reliability from start to finish.

Provided consultation on paint colors, upgrading of lighting, window blinds and artwork.  Painted waiting rooms, hallways and bathrooms, removing old wiring, replaced light fixtures, hung new artwork throughout the building.

They were all terrific professionals and did amazing work. The costs and schedule were almost exactly as her estimate.  I plan to have her design and manage renovation of the rest of the house.  I first used Janice McCabe’s design services.  After just a few minutes of conversation, she understood my tastes in styles and color.  She made recommendations that I immediately liked.  I had an old wet bar that I wanted to replace but hadn’t a clue how to deal with it without major construction.  Janice came up with a simple and elegant solution.  Since she had experience in contracting and management, I hired her to manage the entire renovation of five rooms.  She has a number of contractors she has worked with for years.

The home we remodeled is a second home to us, so it was key to have someone trustworthy and able to be our eyes on site.  Janice helped in designing the layout for the kitchen and master bath.  She picked samples of various styles to choose from when it came to colors and materials (i.e. wall colors, granite, wood floors and cabinet hardware).  She was great at working with our style and really managed to pinpoint exactly what we were looking for.  Communication was key and Janice truly went out of her way to provide service as our busy schedules were not the easiest to work with.  The project went from demolition and design all the way to furnishing the home.  We couldn’t be happier with the results and enjoy showing off the space!   Janice was key in helping us remodel our home by creating room designs and picking fabrics/materials/colors.

I’d remodeled my home 10 years ago and it was time for a change.  I toyed with doing it myself until several friends recommended Janice McCabe Interior Design.  I knew after the first meeting that this would be a wonderful experience.  Janice visited and we did a walk thru.  She asked lots of great questions about my goals for the project and my preferences for style.  She made several suggestions right away that showed me she was a great match for the job.  After a detailed quote, work got started quickly.  Soon there were workmen swarming all over the house and the work was done quickly and professionally.  Most of the work was done while I was away at work, but her team took great pains to keep things clean and make sure the spaces remained livable during the work. Janice monitored the job every step of the way and got the workers back to fix any little outstanding issues.  Over the next weeks, we met weekly to review progress. She presented fabrics, faux finishes (she has an AMAZING sub-contractor who is a stunningly good artist), lighting and window options.  She placed orders for lighting, mirrors, furnishings etc.  All were delivered over the coming weeks.  Despite a few delays (manufacturers), the project ended just about on time. By the end of the project, Janice had checked off all the elements.  Overall, the value for the services was excellent, her design sensibilities a perfect match and her attention to detail (and her recommendations for little things that pushed the project into a new and unexpectedly beautiful direction) made this an incredibly good experience.  I’d hire her, and recommend her, to anyone interested in friendly, high-quality design partnerships.   Janice helped me update my kitchen, three baths, and master bedroom.  Design services included helpful consultations, project monitoring, design assistance, sourcing sub-contractors, recommending fabrics & finishes, selecting window treatments, and helping to harmonize the color palette throughout my home.


I have worked with Janice on a variety of projects ranging from a single room makeover to a large estate. Her skills as a designer are evident the moment you meet her, and there is no one else I would even consider for my home or business projects. Janice is an exceptionally talented individual, and an all-around great person!  -AJ Brown

Janice was super to work with from concept to final product. Her keen eye and expert design sense is beyond compare. She was such fun to work with as well as being a true professional. I would not hesitate in recommending Janice as an extremely reliable, talented designer. -Margaret Garinger

Janice McCabe has provided excellent interior design service; this is all inclusive from architectural design, furniture, room layout, and color selection, comprehensive and complete from idea to implementation. I have found her work and ideas to be creative as well as beautiful. She is accomplished with color and savvy with it usage in her designs. She strives to satisfy and does so! I am proud to recommend Janice McCabe for all interior design needs. -Merilee Germano

Janice has worked with us on several projects over the past 10 years. She is very creative in her use of colors, patterns and textures, and we love the results! Janice also has a great network of specialists, so she can pull together large projects as well as small. It has been a pleasure to work with Janice, and I am sure we will call upon her again. -Sharon Holt

Janice does a wonderful job in identifying a client’s taste and style and incorporating that into any work she does for you. She has a great sense of color/style and final vision for any project she undertakes. The end result is a masterful culmination of what she envisions as a professional designer, and the look and feel desired by the client. -Stella Karamanos

When I bought my dream house Janice helped me transform a ‘nice house’ into a ‘great house.’ Her innate ability to understand my style needs and preferences – that I didn’t even know I had – was uncanny. Five years later I still love the design in every room of my house, from the custom furniture, cabinets, and drapery to the carpets and paint. I would definitely hire Janice again…hmmm….my retirement home in Hawaii? -Peg Maddocks

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